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>From the pictures the floor seem to have a urethane coating on it. The areas
that are discolored is where the urethane has come off and exposed new
stone.the only way to make this floor look good is to remove the finish on
the stone , strip it down and then apply a new seal ( NOT URETHANE !!!) bit
a seal that will deliver the look and still allow the stone to breath. If
the customer is looking for a gloss finish I would recommend Stone-lok from
Richard James Chemical. They have several different finishes. Be sure to
follow ALL of the instruction for application or this product can give you
some problems.

If they are not interested in gloss or mat finish use a color enhancing

The bad news you will need to use a paint stripper or a product call Beanie
Doo to remove the urethane. Be sure to caution your customer the effects on
wood work when using a paint stripper to remove this finish. work in a well
ventilated area.

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My client just bought a new home and amongst many other things in the house
falling apart that the inspector missed, as people walk on the floor it has
been getting worse and worse.  Not sure if it was a laquer or urethane
coating originally, but in the damaged areas you can peel up the layer.
Also when I knock on the floor it seems slightly hollow in areas (not sure
if that matters for this particular case).  They wanted to try to do the
least amount possible so I humored them with no luck at all.  I cleaned and
scrubbed it, dried it, then put a new coat of laquer on one side and
stonetech high gloss finish on the other.  As I thought, the areas were
still very visible.  Is there anything else someone would suggest or is this
floor beyond repair?
Some additional info, the stone goes down a hallway and into a large living
room as well.  There is not much visible damage to most of the area except
by the patio doors.

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