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Dr. Fred can probably give you a more scientific expatiation but here what I
know. Concrete Densifers work with the free lime in the concrete and during
the dwell time the densifier actually hardens the concrete. The best results
I have is putting the densiflier down on the concrete or on cement based
terrazzo and allow the produxt to dwell for at least 45 to 50 minutes, all
the time making sure the surface stay wet. You can add some water if
necessary to maintain a wet surface. After the dwell time use a wet vac pick
up any product on the surface. Then take a finish mop and lightly mop on a
very thin coat of the densiflier and allow to dwell over night at least 60
to 8 hours. Then complete you honing. If you are using this the best time to
add it to the surface is after your 220 grind.

I have used this on a honed finish Durango stone and it work well. The
finish Durango stone has cement fills therefore the densiflier is working on
those areas. I have not tried it on natural stone but will this next week

Look for Dr. Fred chemical reaction comments, I'm sure he can give more
detail than I can

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Can someone explain to me how densifiers work? What is the benefit of using
Can they be applied not only to cement based products but to different
materials like limestone or travertine?
What is the difference between sealer and densifier?
Adam Bartos
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