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Densifiers work by reacting with the lime in cement and concrete.
They act by hardening the floor or surface.  So when the floor is hard
you can polish the floor.  If the floor is not hard  then the floor will
not be smooth  so you can not get the light to reflect.
Some sealers are densifiers. There are two types of base chemicals in
Densifiers can be applied to different types of stone. But this depends
on what you are trying to achieve from the process.
Some in the past have used densifiers as a hardener for soft stone.
The claim was if a stone was soft from like being waxed over for years
the densifier would help to harden the stone. There should be some
caution in using this on stone as a hardner as it could OVER react to
the stone make up.
Always test your system and products . If  you do not get the desired
look in a few inches you will not get the desired results in the next
10,000 sq/ft .
Dr Fred can give you the chemical reaction to how this works.
M3 has this product as well.
Marble Floors and More LLC wrote:
> Can someone explain to me how densifiers work? What is the benefit of using them?
> Can they be applied not only to cement based products but to different materials like limestone or travertine?
> What is the difference between sealer and densifier?
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