Stonetech high gloss laquer 28 Jul 2010 16:53 EDT

Hey guys, i have been using the laquer on several jobs over the years. Indoor slate jobs, and 1 outdoor building fascade. The fascade is a dark red marble with white veins. We clean and laquer it every 3 months. The stone is in terrible shape, the previous 'restorer' was waxing it for years. When i first took it over i spent several days strippingit then trying to naturally polish it. Didnt really work and all they wanted was a shine so i've been laquering it. The laquer is now impossible to get in the tri-state area due to VOC shipping laws. Already spoke to Dupont and there is nothing they have that is for outdoor use at all. Anyone have ideas or #'s so i can explain this to someone and maybe they have something similar or better that i can use. Let me know if pictures are needed.
P.S. There are 2 flower beds in the middle of the stone that they water daily.
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