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The problem may not be from a bad fill by the installer it might be the
material. I would use either traver fillor a non sanded grout of a color to
best match the stone. if you are going to use grout I would use a latex
additive 50 % additive 50 % water or even more additive. This will help the
product bond. The traver fill product can have dyes added it to make color
changes. Use Concrete powdered colorants to change the color of the traver

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Was asked to fill bunch of holes on brush finished limestone which were
previously filled with grout by installer. Obviously he didn't remove all of
the soft and lose material and now those spots are coming apart exposing
white material. It is 500 sq ft kitchen with about 20 or so spots to fill
(see picture).
My question is what should I use to fill them, Sanded grout, traverfill or
something else?
What is the bonding agent in Traverfill and is it really better then grout
leaving aside color issues?
Adam Bartos
BiO Tile
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