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So when is the next class?

Stuart Young
Santa Fe Floor care
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I recently attended took John Freitag's  class in his Florida training
center. I’ve been in the business for 7 plus years, constantly have work and
have taken numerous training programs in the past. Looking back I wish I
taken his class a lot sooner. The benefits I have already noticed from his
• I prepping the work area much faster at a lower cost in the past.
• He has a system that I’m able to teach my helpers. I no longer want them
on a job with me but want them out doing the jobs.
• I’m able to get in and out of jobs faster.
• His system delivers outstanding results and happy customers.
• Other tips that I have implemented that have been saving a lot money and

Instead of going on about his training, I would highly recommend his course.
As for the cost, when you factor the production savings and finishing jobs
faster. In my opinion it was free!

Roger Konarski

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