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The dark color looks like it might caused by the polishing of the metal, if
the metal has been polished in the past. I see the darken of stone when
janitorial companies polish the stainless that is next to the stone the oils
from the metal polishes over time go into the stone.

Try cleaning with an alkaline based cleaner, you will probably need to make
a poultice and apply to the stone. the poultice can be made with an alkaline
based cleaner or for oil stains I prefer mineral sprit mixed with the
poultice powders.

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Hey guys, in the picture you can see the darker area around the sconce.  It
is not a shadow, they recently changed the sconce and this is what was under
it, it's not just dirt and I'm not positive that honing and polishing would
definitely make it lighter and match.  There are 3 of these on the wall.
Has anyone seen anything like this before? The walls are highly polished,
and the other pieces were up for a  few decades at least.  This is in
Manhattan if that makes any difference, if this has to do with our clean
air. Please let me know any ideas or suggestions.  Thanks.

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