Re: [sccpartners] Natural Stone Inquiry J. Palacio 28 Aug 2010 17:40 EDT


Looks like Saltillo or Mexican Tile to me. Not a natural stone by all

What you do with it depends on what you want out of it. Is is just
cleaning? Do you need to strip the coatings? The type of sealer that
it has (water based or solvent based) will also dictate what you use
to strip and what the cost/charge will be.

Hope that helps a little bit.


J. Palacio

On Aug 28, 2010, at 5:32 PM, Raynell Pascal wrote:

> Hello all,   We have come across a natural stone that we have not
> worked with before and we wanted to know if anyone in the group has
> come across this type of natural stone. Also, if you have had any
> experience with this type of stone could you please inform us as to
> what type of natural stone it is and the steps you took to restore
> the stone. All input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
> (Pics of the stone are attached to this e-mail.)
> Raynell Pascal
> Operations Manager
> "Don't Replace, RESTORE"
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