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There are several ways to handle this job, one would be to have your 4 men
work the job. 	HOWEVER if this job has a lot open areas I would do the job
with 2 mem and a walk behind scrubber. You can diamond, use honing powders
and even polish with 5X polishing powders with a walk behind scrubber. You
just set up the scrubber to ths work. If you decide to use the scrubber call
me and I willo walk you through the process. You can rent walk behinds from
the larger janitioral supply companies on a daily, weekly rate.

The nice thing about a walk behind is one man can hone up to 1000 sq. ft per
day doing 3 hones. If you only need to do 1 hone with powders then you can
probably do 2000 sq plus per day. One man runs the scrubber the other mans
runs the swing machine and does the corner and the places the walk behind
cannot get.

Now pricing. If the job is 9 hours away you will be in most states required
to pay travel time to and from the job. Then you staff will receive the same
hourly pay they receive if they are working a local job. Then you have hotel
cost, I usually price line hotels and get great deals but depending upon the
area you could pay up to $100 per night. Don't make the mistake a lot of
contractor do get a room for each technician. You cannot work your guys
together all day and expect them to stay together all night and not have
problems on the job.

Then you need to give the guy a per diem for meals, in the past I given the
guys $25. per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This work depending upon
the area the job is located at in major cities the per diem may need to be

The thing to remember is you don't need to make a profit margin on the per
diem and hotel charges you can however make you normal profit margin on the
travel time. This is usually actual hourly labor rate time 2.5 to 3 time the
cost, so if you pay your guys $20 per hour then you would charge @2.5 ( 20 x
2.5 =$50 per hour ) this gives you a 60% gross profit margin. If you are
doing 3 time cost then ( 20 x 3 = 60 ) this will give you a 66.6 % profit

Then when it come to bidding the job use you r stand pricing and then add on
these extra charges.

Remember if you are running a walk behind your productivity is going to be
much high at a lower cost.

There is still more to talk about if you want additional information let me

John E. Freitag
The Stone and Tile School
Office 407-567-7652
Cell 407-615-0134

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Subject: [sccpartners] pricing a long distance job

Hello all,

We have been asked to fix a 24,000 sqft job roughly 9 hours away. The
project will be done in two phases. (10,000 phase 1 and 14,000 phase 2) I
would appreciate some feed back on pricing this project out.

The work involves honing, which will be done with honing powders to
produce the desired results. We will have a crew of 4 men with 4 floor
machines/ 2 wet vacs. etc.

I would welcome any feed back or advise. Thanks in advance.

Ron Moore, President
American Stone Care, Inc.
16458 Lone Oak Place
Hamilton, VA. 20158
540-338-5559 o
301-602-2307 c

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