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What type of finish is on the tile now. Is it an acrylic or an epoxy based
seal? If the tile is sealed with a acrylic base product you can strip with
an alkaline based stripper. If it's an epoxy based seal you need to test the
tile to see what type of stripper you are going to need to use. In some
cases you may need to use paint stripper to remove the finish. If so then
you need to alert the customer the possible damage that could occur using
the paint stripper against the customer wood work etc. Even doing a great
job of protecting you could still have problems. The dry til=me would be
several hours depending upon the amount of water used during the stripping
process. Make sure the tile are totally dry before sealing them. Suggest you
use a moisture meter to check the moisture in the tiles.

If the tile
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 has an acrylic finish the $4 price range would be ok, but if you need to
use the paint stripper of epoxy stripper you need to be higher.

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Hi all! Was wondering what products you would use to strip and reseal a
Saltillo floor. How much dry time is needed in between.The floor is about
370 sq feet. And really beat up. How much would you charge? I was thinking
maybe $4.50 a sq ft... Is that price about right? It's an entry way, front
room and a kitchen. Thank you in advance for your input.


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