Re: [sccpartners] polishing travertine inserts with black grout J. Palacio 08 Nov 2010 19:00 EST

Hey Adam,

Just some suggestions;
1. Don't let the polishing powder dry on the grout.
2. May have to color seal the grout in the end. Is it sanded or
unsanded grout?


J. Palacio

On Nov 7, 2010, at 3:34 PM, Info Info wrote:

> Partners,
> One of my customers asked me to polish honed, thumbled travertine
> mosaic inserts. We powder honed her floor 3 weeks ago and now she
> wants to
> add a little accent to the floor. The problem is with the black grout
> between those 1"x1" tiles that make up those inserts - it takes so
> much time
> to get them looking good and match grout with the rest of the floor.
> Is there a way to polish them with out messing the grout?
> Adam Bartos
> BiO Tile
> 773-575-5515
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