Travertine with bad grouting job Baird Standish 17 Nov 2010 19:56 EST

I just inspected a newley installed travertine floor that the owners
would like us to bring to a consistent polish and seal. The tiles are
not finished well, with much irregularity to the polish. The key point
is that the grouting (traverfill or maybe just plain unsanded grout,
probably the latter), is not well done. Some of the grout is flush
with the surface but much of it is below the level of the travertine
surface. The surface itself is smooth and scratch free, so I could
otherwise finish it with one 400 grit hone and polish, but it looks
like I will need to use a 50 grit diamond to grind down the floor to
even out the grout, then work up from there. I'm wondering if it is
possible to grout over the existing grout effectively (without it
coming loose) and cut back on the number of hones?

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