Re: [sccpartners] quartzite staining Kris Dougherty 18 Jan 2011 18:14 EST

Some times when I have seen this if I kept the stone dry for a few days
it went away. If that is the case then a good sealer will fix the
problem. Is there caulk in these same areas?

On 1/18/2011 4:54 PM, Lorne Greenberg wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts about what is causing the
> darkness on the stone in these pics.  It is a fairly new installation of
> quartzite.  In the time since it was put in, the dark areas have begun to
> appear.  The person who brought us in has already had the installer, someone
> who got the stone, and the company whose sealer they used to look at this
> and no one knows what caused it or how to correct it.  I thought that maybe
> it has to do with the adhesive used? Although it does not go entirely around
> the perimeter.  Some areas there are only small spots. I also need to know
> how I could attempt to correct this.
> -Lorne
> Fabra Cleen

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