appearing red stains on limestone J. Palacio 02 Feb 2011 14:54 EST

Hello all,

Limestone floor that a month or so ago I cleaned, added some sheen and
applied an impregnator to is showing more and more red stains (from
what the homeowner tells me). While I was working there I did see
about 4 red stains appear in the MBath and a few more at various other
places in the hall and LR. I showed her and even tried a poultice with
peroxide to no great success. A few days later the red stains

Now that she is mopping with the Daily Clean she tells me that even
more red stains are evident in the MBath. I should have some pics
later today or tomorrow, but for right now has anyone seen/heard of
this? Is it a mineral in the stone that is reacting with something in
the Daily Clean or moisture?

Prior to me polishing the red stains were not noticeable as the floor
was completely flat, no sheen whatsoever and heavily soiled.

So any feedback or thoughts prior to pictures?


J. Palacio