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If the sealer has left a shine on the floor, it probably has some for solids
in it . I would try a good alkaline based stripper /degreaser to see if this
remove it. If that does not work contact the manufacturer to see what they
have to remove the sealer. my bet is thay have something to remove the
sealer or will tell you how to remove the sealer. I would start with an
alkaline based stripper / degreaser and mix it somewhat stronger than you
normally would.

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We have been asked to correct a sealer problem.  My client recently
had a honed travertine floor installed.  They went to the tile store
and bought Superior Enhance and Seal and applied it themselves with a
sponge that was recommended to them.  It looked bad on the first go
round, so they applied another coat and now it is smeary and smudgy.
They say that the stone is darkened, so it must have absorbed into the
stone well enough.  I looked up the product and there is very little
info except that it is color enhancing and will give a wet look.  So
was looking for any tips on how to remove the excess.  Normally i
would try to polish out or maybe use a high grit twister pad.  But
this is a honed floor, so i don't want to mess up the finish.  Perhaps
a stripper would work, but then that would probably remove the sealer.
 If I were to go this route, what would be a good replacement sealer
(wet look).

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