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I had a job that the granite had a coating on it. The granite was on the
border. We did not realize there was a coating on the granite as there
was not one on the marble.
After the job the customer had Marblelife come in to look at the granite
and the Marblelife franchise is only a few months old. They tried to
tell the customer that the granite floor got scratched from our
polishing process and that is not possible from all the years I have
services these floors. I have never seen granite get damaged from marble
What about you.

On 2/16/2011 9:14 AM, John Freitag wrote:
> Kris,
> My process is different. First of all does the boarder need to have diamonds
> on it? If not then polish your marble and then polish your boarder using a
> Crystallizer and #1 Steel wool. If the granite need to be diamond honed I
> would hone the granite  then hone the marble polish your granite then polish
> the marble. There is no need to cover the marble or the granite.
>   What you are going to do on the granite will determine how you are going to
> work the rest of the floor.
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> All
> Please respond.
> When we polish marble floors that have a granite border normally we will
> polish the marble and if the granite needs work we will cover the marble
> after polishing for protection and then polish the granite with the
> harder granite diamonds.
> Is this the same procedure everyone else uses?
> Kris

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