flagstone refinishing Joey Caniff 17 Nov 2008 01:49 EST
Hi Folks,

I am preparing a bid for a 5 star hotel lobby app 2000 sq feet
of flagstone that has some type of topical coatings on it.
Stripping it seems pretty straightforward, commercial stripper
and floor machine with brush, then i'll pressure/extract @
but it seems likely it will be left with some sort of residue
and require a similar type of topical refinishing to achieve
any kind of decent finished appearance.
My question is can anyone recommend a good sealer and finish
combo, or is there a better procedure for refinishing this
stone?  I'll also bid them a regular maintenance contract if i
can, since it doesn't seem likely anything will be permanent in
a high traffic hotel lobby with ski boots clunking through.
I wonder if the brown color will remain when i strip it or if
that is added?  It doesn't look like the right color for
flagstones.  I have attached a few pics.

Thanks for any advice.