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First you can never guarantee you won't scratch the floor if there is sanded
grout. I would go in an clean the floor good using a soft brush, hopefully
this would break loose any sand from the sanded grout that is somewhat
loose. Then to remove the grout haze I would use 5X powder and re-polish the
floor. I would however tell the customer  and include in the contract that
due to the improper use of sanded grout you will do your best not to scratch
the floor from the sand but you cannot guarantee a scratch free floor.

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Trying to pick your brains on how to remove sanded grout residue from
polished finish limestone with out scratching it. The grout lines are 1/2"
and grout, stone and residue were sealed.
Would you use twister pads? Any ideas?
Adam Bartos
BiO Tile
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