Re: [sccpartners] flamed granite 20 Nov 2008 10:19 EST

> Hi I need some help on this one. I'm going to look at a lobby tomorrow
> that
> has flamed granite(bumpy) the custy wants to know if I can grind it down
> flat and polish it. My question is can this be done and what does it
> entail?
> (Is it like standard lippage removal where I would hit the floor with a 50
> grit metal and take it up? Is there a chance that a lot of tiles can
> crack?)
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> Zev Guez
> Stone Restoration Plus
> (732) 309-3878


I don't often reply to these messages but I read them all to pick things
up from time to time. I felt compelled to put my two cents in on this one.
Even with the best equipment, best diamonds etc. this job will be
difficult. What are they expecting allong the edges? My advice is to
suggest they replace the stone. Some projects I believe are great to
tackle because the more you work the stone the more you learn. The
experience you gain in the field is completly different from class time.
However, some jobs are better left alone. Good luck!

Ron Moore
American Stone Care, Inc.
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