RE: [sccpartners] Color enhancer residue on Blake ab John Freitag 08 Jul 2011 15:11 EDT


First try using an alkaline based stripper. This may cut through the
residue. If that does not work you can try to apply more sealer and  scrub
off the residue last resort use some honing powders along with your alkaline
based stripper. Or Miracle Seal makes a sealer stripper for removing coating
and seals. The product is expensive around $45 to $50 per gallon ..

John E. Freitag
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Have a prospect who had floor color enhanced with Miracle. Lots and lots of
residue remains. Feels like walking I'n the movie theater. Can this be
removed with 280 grit honing powder ??

Paul Bunis
Boston Stone Restoration
Absolute Chem Dry

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