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Hi Mike,

As a member of the Board of Directors of IICRC and a member of the ethics
committee I will answer as I would if an ethics complaint was made.

When you are wearing your inspectors hat you have to separate yourself from
your contracting side. If you were called into a court of law to testify,
you would most likely be disqualified if you were doing both. When I do
inspections (on the fabric side of the business) I charge a fee for my time.
This includes travel, research and report writing.

However, when you are writing a report, and Fred may or may not disagree
with me, the last line of the last section of the report will state,
"Recommendations upon request. This refers to how to correct the problem. If
at that time, the commissioner of the report, (you should only deal with the
person that hired you for the inspection). If the commissioner of the report
asks who can do this service, we will tell them that we recommend they find
a qualified firm to do this. I do let them know that our firm is qualified
and can complete this service if they so desire.

Brian Kornet

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Mainly for Fred. I did the inspections course and set up a business to do
some consulting. Considering the following:
1. When I do make most of my money doing restoration, and many referrals are
thruogh industry sources, it would be very easy to cut my own throat if, for
instance, had to tell a client the granite countertop was doctored and had
to be torn out. In some market areas, if you are seen as a trouble maker you
are done...
2. If I get called to offer advise on a job and it is a solution I would
like to work on, I can make MUCH more on the solution than on the consult.
Can I ethically, as a consultant say, "yes, I have a solution and it is to
hire ME to do the repair."
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