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Check the site called engravacrete. They have a saw called a mongoose. I
own one and it's a great tool. Looks like a little car with a diamond
blade mounted in the middle. Blade can be any width and you can easily
adjust the depth for a precise cut. Snap a chalk line on the tread line up
the front and rear guide arms and you are set. Hope this helps. Although
the purchase of the saw is probably not what you were anticipating it is a
tool that has paid for itself over and over for us. Good luck.

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> Folks
> I have a customer who needs
>  Scope of work: We  are going to install photoluminescent aluminum strips
> on the leading edge of the  steps. So the strips do not stick up above the
> step surface we need to grind a 2  mm deep x 1.5" wide slot along the
> entire
> length of each stair. Then the strips  can be glued down into the slot and
> will be flush with the stair  surface.
> How do I make these cuts ?
> Is this something that I should be interested in ?
> How much can I charge for it ?
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