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My experience id that I can polish with a good 5X powder not the knock off
brands at a much lower hone. The mess is really how you learned how to use
it .

Each one of use have our own thoughts are want we expect from products. My
goal and objective is to get in job , get them done and only have 1 polish
to train my guy on how to use, we carry only one polishing powder, a
crystallizer and granite polishing powder and can do any and all job in a
time and profitable manner.

John E. Freitag
The Stone and Tile School
Office 407-567-7652
Cell 407-615-0134

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Hi Micah

Mb-12 is great I can always get a better gloss and clearity from using
It over 5x and mb is much cleaner to use no wet guey mess. It can be done
Almost dry. I just sprinkle a little on the floor and mist a little water
On it from a 16 oz spray bottle. And I mean a little just one sprits and
Put your machine over it and do about 9 sq ft at a time. A new pad needs
A few minutes and some extra mb to get some pad loading and then it gets
real easy to do and then you use a tiny pinch every 30 sq feet
5x is so messy I don't use it unless I have some special reason to.

Hope that helps



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I noticed in one of the stone and tile pro threads that you use mb -12 and
like it, does mb-12 have the same possibility of etching like 5X (we
currently use) I was just wondering if mb -12 gives the same polish
results of 5X with out the etching issue or if you still had to create and
maintain a water barrier like 5X

Micah Gautier
Superior Floor Care

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