Re: [sccpartners] Knowledge Base Question 15 Aug 2007 09:02 EDT

Hello Debbie,

Just wanted to let you know a while back right after our conversation I
sent you some before and after pictures to use. I would also like to
include these in my gallery. They are attached to my last email excluding
this one.
I would really like to make some updates to my Gallery and contact
information as soon as possible. Help :). Please feel free to add pictures
that are available like the one you uploaded of the bathroom.



Ps I recieved a couple of quote requests in the last month. Its working.

Contact information that will replace my current information on my website
under contact us.

W. Bloomfield 248.432.2766
Detroit 313.586.4081
Lansing / Jackson 517.547.3222
Grand Rapids 616.855.4113
Toledo Ohio 734.474.1872

Ann Arbor 734.418.2871
fax 734.418.2418