[sccpartners] Best machine or tools for removing and replacing grout Marble Maestro 12 Dec 2008 23:05 EST

All I have heard is important to know, practice and understand.  All of them
are needed and required to be the best because at any time they may be
useful depending of the situation, grout encountered, type of work area,

Here is a few more suggestions

Grout Getter- a v shape blade on what looks like a long screw driver.

Acid, you can get an acid that works well to remove grout, without damaging
the tile.  I had to remove the grout from staircase landings.  I kept
spraying them, over and over again until I used up the whole liter for one
landing.  Took a few hours but work was effortless.  Perfect if you have
more work in the house, spray and walk away.

Bosch just came out with a tool that is like the Fein, but cordless.

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Sanded or unsanded grout? If the grout is unsanded with 1/8" grout lines you
might be able to use a utility knife to remove the grout. Be sure to hold
the knife at a 45 degree when removing the grout. The best utility knife
I've found is the Marshalltown utility knife, I buy them by the case for
about $4 each. I've used a lot of different tools to remove grout and my
favorite is the Fein Multi Master with a grout blade. Dermal, grout grabber
and circular masonry blades can get away from you if you're not careful. As
far as the price goes ..... For a bathtub shower surround with 4" tiles I
get $395. If it sanded grout 12" floor tiles I charge by the hour.


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Hi.  We haven't done much in the way of removing and replacing grout.
Typically clean and clear seal or color seal.  We have a client who is
determined to have the grout in two small bathrooms (2' tiles) replaced.  I
am interested in any advice on the best method, tools or machinery to use to
effectively remove the grout.  Also wondering what people charge for this
(my knee jerk reaction is to charge twice what I would charge for cleaning
and colorsealing).
Thanks so much.

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