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Ok. Thanks.

On Friday, September 30, 2011, John Freitag
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> Baird,
> We are running 3 machines most of the times however there have been several
> nights we were only running 2 machines.
> Depending upon the condition of the terrazzo will determine what diamond I
> would start with.
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> John, are you running 2 machines (or more) on the 15000sf job?  Also
> do you regularly use metals when you do terrazzo?  We just finished
> 2000 sf including metals working around painters etc. In 3 days so I'm
> just comparing notes. B
> On Friday, September 30, 2011, John Freitag
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>> Hector Regarding the terrazzo floors  your process needs to be 1.
> Strip wax from floors   do not grind off, grinding off finishes only remove
> the finish form the top of the stone but will not remove from within the
> pores of the stone or within the cement and when you go to polish you could
> have are that will not polish as well as other due to waxes still being in
> the pores of the material.2.       If this is the first time the terrazzo
> floor has been finished with a natural polish you will need to start with at
> least a 50 grit diamond and then run up through the grits up to 400 or 800
> depending upon the diamond you use and the polish you use and the time you
> spend on each process.3.       Once you have honed the floor then you can
> start the polishing process I would recommend using StoneCare Central 5X
> polishing powders to polish with. 4.       If you want to add additional
> shine to the floor allow the floor to dry at least over night and then you
> can crystallize the  floor using StoneCare Central Crystallizer with a #1
> steel wool pad. Depending upon the process you want to do you could hone the
> floor up to 220 then apply a concrete densflier then hone 400, 800 for more
> shine then crystallize . this process will allow you to actually polish the
> concrete and actually harden the concrete.  Having a two man crew is ok for
> this job the question is how much time are they allowing you to have to
> complete the job?  My service company is currently on a 15,000 sq.ft job and
> we are working  5 ½ days per week with 3 man and we will finish the job in 3
> weeks  Hope this information helps   John E. Freitag President/DirectorThe
> Stone and Tile SchoolOffice 407-567-7652Cell
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>> Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 1:42 AM
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>> Subject: [sccpartners] 7200 sq. ft. of waxed terrazzo flooring inside
> needs polishing 1100 sq. outside needs honing    Hello Guys Got a HTC 500
>  Got  a flat head older werkmaster 8 head machine1.5 floor buffer with the
> blue klindex head for the buffer.Got 24” propane floor buffer with a
> injector spraying jet in the center of the 24” pad.    Do I strip the wax or
> just cut off the wax with a starting  grit of let’s say ? 200 metal  for
> cement type terrazzo floor about 60 years old and has  not been care for.
> only waxing the floor?They want the floor polished to a high polish. Do I
> grind   Wet or dry? How high do need to go grit wise? How many days will it
> take do 7200 sq. ft. of terrazzo floor.Remove the wax and polish the
> floor? Also have 1100 sq. ft. of terrazzo floor that needs to be honed.
> Outside flooring showing signs of ageing look old and wearing down a bit.Do
> I need more machines?May be my  1 st terrazzo floor.  And what are the going
> rates for this type of flooring?   Small crew of 2   Hector
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