Darker Grout Lines? BAIRDSTANDISH@comcast.net 29 Dec 2008 18:19 EST

Hi Everyone,
I have a client who recently had about 3000 sf of tile installed in his house. Apparently they think that the grout is not dark enough for their tastes (hydroment flash walnut) .  I inspected the floor and removed any white efflourescent residue.  I then color enhanced a small strip of grout with some impregnating sealer that they had around (I did not have a a proper color enhancer on hand) and unfortunately it dried without darkening the grout (although looked great when wet).  My plan was to go back and try a solvent based color enhancer ( I have an old can of MB-? color enhancer). But, was wondering if anyone has a good line on a decent color enhancing product?  Would some dark concrete dye help if mixed with the enhancer?  It would be great to find something that doesn't dry out too quickly or creates a more or less permanent color enhancement/darkening.  Have thought about color sealing with grout perfect color seal, but am concerned about the color seal migrating beyon
 d the
grout line and wear and chipping down the line. It would seem to me that color enhancer would be easier to apply and to touch up later.
Thanks so much.
Baird Standish
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