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First I would stay away form water based sealers, I would recommend you use
the StoneCare Central Solvent based impregnating sealer. This will give you
more protection that the water based sealer.

Crystallizing may slow down the process, it worth a try. Adding a good
solvent based sealer will probably do the same.

Using a crystallizer to add some shine to a honed finish stone will add some
shine to the honed finish

John E Freitag
The Stone & Tile School
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I got a call from customer where we refinished countertops few months ago,
that tops are etched again because acidic water in his house. Tops are
Jerusalem gold, honed finish and we sealed with wb stone tech sealer. He and
I understand that you can't stop chemical reaction but his argument is that
last time somebody else done it, they last for almost 4 yrs. So my question
is if I crystize them will that help? Will buffing the crystallizer onto
honed finish will that add little shine to it?
Adam Bartos
BiO Tile

Adam Bartos
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