Stripping marble Mike Marsoun 14 Dec 2011 20:58 EST
Have a job I'm bidding, 99 hotel room bath floors, 50sf. There seems to be a coating of solvent acrylic and it is trapping moisture and leaving whitish spots which look like efflourescence trapped by the sealer, when it is wiped with water it comes back immidately upon drying (that's how I know it is not on top) could also just be the coating delaminating. See photo. I stripped some sample tiles with lacquer thinner, waterbased stripper did nothing. Then I enhanced. Wondering about the best process for stripping, mine is 6 steps to get it all out, would like to keep it simple but do have to be through so the stone can breathe again. Should I leave off the sealer? It is a very dense marble, blasted and brushed finish.