Re: [sccpartners] Trav Cleaning Edge, Inc. 22 Dec 2011 00:57 EST

Ever tried that liquid poultice by Miracle company? Or clean it with
klenztone #2.

We have also in these cases floated the floor with traverfill, return the
next day and go over with a 400 resin then maybe a twister white pad, then

On 12/21/11 8:07 PM, "Mike Marsoun" <> wrote:

> Bidding a job with a bunch of travertine floors. Did one with a strong
> alkaline cleaner and my extractor. Didn't get it out og the crevices. Thought
> on the next one I would hit ti with bleach after to at least try to get rid of
> the dark color of what remains in the crevices. Pictured is a completed tile,
> and a before.  Any ideas?