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Thanks. Those are all great ideas. Too bad no Klenztone here. I had some made but it didn't work the same...they have some secrets going on.
Don't think the Liquid Poltice would work either but that does give me an hunt for a peroxide cleaner.   Not optimistic tho because the pin holes are the tip of an iceberg and cant get everything filling the crevice out of that same hole. I've never had any luck in doing so, no matter how high the pressure.
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Ever tried that liquid poultice by Miracle company? Or clean it with
klenztone #2.

We have also in these cases floated the floor with traverfill, return the
next day and go over with a 400 resin then maybe a twister white pad, then

On 12/21/11 8:07 PM, "Mike Marsoun" <> wrote:

> Bidding a job with a bunch of travertine floors. Did one with a strong
> alkaline cleaner and my extractor. Didn't get it out og the crevices. Thought
> on the next one I would hit ti with bleach after to at least try to get rid of
> the dark color of what remains in the crevices. Pictured is a completed tile,
> and a before.  Any ideas?

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