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Re: [sccpartners] No subject Mike Marsoun 03 Feb 2012 06:08 EST

Thanks. Especially black which is softer.
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Q. wondering if the silica sand would scratch the granite.

A. This link below reads silica sand is rated 6-7 on the mohs scale. It
seems that granite ranges from 6.5 to 7.5. To answer your question if the
silica sand was to come loose in the restoration process there is a good
chance it would scratch the granite.



On 2/2/12 8:42 PM, "Mike Marsoun" <nulifesc@bigpond.com> wrote:

> Looking at a job with black absolute, and cashmere that will have to be
> flattened and polished. Was thinking of using copper resins. Black border,
> hallways, and bathrooms...fun stuff!  It has sanded grout (as usual) wondering
> if the silica sand would scratch the granite. There is an area outdoors that
> has been flattened, and I can see some suspicious looking scratches...
> Comments?

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