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RE: [sccpartners] GRanite with efflorescence? John Freitag (14 Feb 2012 11:56 EST)

RE: [sccpartners] GRanite with efflorescence? John Freitag 14 Feb 2012 11:56 EST

This looks to me as moisture coming through the stone and the stone is
staining.  Let the stone dry for a week or so and see if the darkness
disappears. If it does then the moisture ha dried out. Then go back and re-
grout or caulk as needed to keep the moisture from getting into the stone if
this is a shower then be sure to check the caulking around the drain, and
edges where the wall meets the floor.

John E Freitag
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These tiles were put down 5 years ago and only about 6 months ago began
showing this.  I believe it is the sediment (salts, etc..) finally coming
through after the years of getting wet and drying out.  Is this correct? All
they have tried is acidic cleaners (strong ones) Either way, what is it and
how can it be fixed?

Lorne Greenberg
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