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I've used StoneTech Polishing Powder before on a similar situation.

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I am looking for tips and tricks that you use when you try to match the existing finish.

I have customer with Jerusalem gold floor that would like to remove traffic lines and worn areas (about 400 sq ft) with out redoing entire floor (almost 2500 sq ft) which is still in very good shape. If that was polished or honed finish it wouldn't be a problem but it is satin finish. My idea behind refinishing this floor is to hone worn areas up to 400 or 800 g and use monkey pads (1500g) on entire floor. I did the sample with 800 g honing powder and another with 1500 g monkey pad and it is too dull. I am afraid that if I go with 5x it will be too much of gloss. What would you do?

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