National Archives (Tennessee marble) 27 Mar 2012 08:50 EDT

Hello All,

We are about to begin a four year resoration project with the National
Archives in Washington, DC. One of the areas of concern for me is the
honing of areas of Tennessee marble where it was used (new instalation)
for door casings, elevator casings etc.- vertical surfaces and they don't
like the high shine. This material is hard. Very high shine and we want to
bring it down a few notches so that it will "look older".

Please remember we are talking about vertical surfaces (11,000sqft) and we
would like to know if there are any tricks of the trade, short of using a
flex hand machine and some honing powder or Aquamix?

Looking forward to your input. Thanks in advance.

Ron Moore, President
American Stone Care, Inc.
16458 Lone Oak Place
Hamilton, VA. 20158
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