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Wait until you have 9 techs and 9 trucks , it is very manageable but you
must start now. What has changed from when you were on the truck to now just
your techs are on the trucks.

What you are missing is the accountability of that tech to the truck. Just
as the tech is responsible for leaving the job site clean and organized it
should and needs to transfer to the trucks.
Not sure if you assign a tech to be responsible for each truck. If not I
would start there. The tech must understand they are responsible for the
cleaning of the truck and the cleaning and organization of the equipment in
the truck.
In order to do this you must have all the equipment needed for the jobs in
each truck. You cannot be moving equipment from one truck to another. A pain
in growing but 2 trucks means 2 complete set of tools. From floor machines ,
vac to grout floats to all the misc., items.

I would recommend that each tech have a tool box. In that tool box they
need to have their extension cords, safety glasses, rubber gloves Ground
fault  some small tool ( screw drivers , replacement plugs, wrenches etc. )
the tech name is on that box , the tech can lock the box or do whatever is
needed to protect his items. You need to do a inspection of the trucks, the
truck passes or fails , NO grey areas! It either or !!
Of course you must first turn the truck and the equipment over to each tech
in a condition you expect it to be maintain at.  Then start you daily
inspection, then after they know you mean business then you can go to weekly
then random inspections. But you must always inspect the trucks once or
twice per month at random. They pass or fail.

Now you need to have some type of incentive to the trucks clean and other
responsibilities you give that tech.

When I first started this type of program we put together an incentive
program where the tech could receive Marble dollars for everything they did
correctly, housekeeping was one item , selling care products to the customer
was another item , arrive to work on time was another items that means on
time not 5 or 10 minutes late. No call backs etc.  There was other thing
that the tech could receive marble dollars for.
The marble dollar had a value to they , selling care products my generate
more marble dollars then arriving to work every day on time for the month.
The clean and organized truck had a value to it. The clean tools and
equipment had a value to it. Even making sure the truck was in good
operating order and the oil changed on a regular based and the truck washed
and waxed all had a value to it.

Once per pay period or once per week or once per month the tech would
receive their marble dollars. The tech could spend them , save them and
accumulate marble dollars.

The marble dollars then could be cashed in for gift certificate to
restaurants , a day off with pay , a week-end at a resort, gift certificates
to the movies  etc, the tech then decides when he or she wants to cash in
his or her marble dollars.
The longer they save the bigger the reward.

Just some things I used in the past to hold my tech accountable and

The main thing to remember is managing staff you must have rules and
regulations! These must be enforced  the rules are black and white, there is
NO grey areas . once you allow the grey areas to start you have lost

Do you have an employee hand book telling each employee the rule and
regulation of their employment? If not I recommend you get one now before
you have 3, 5 or more employees to enforce the rules on.

Hope this give you some ideas.

Questions , please advise

John E Freitag
The Stone & Tile School
Office 407-567-7652
Cell 407-615-0134

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As we grow our company and add vehicles and staff, the "end of day house
keeping " items we used to take for granted are slipping through the cracks.
Van clean up that used to happen at end of day when it was me and a helper
is tougher to monitor now that it's 2 trucks and 3 more employees. Truck not
gassed up , trash not emptied, can't find tools that should be easily
accounted for ??  Very frustrating.
Does anyone use an end of day check list that works on this ?

Paul Bunis

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