RE: [sccpartners] re-crystalizing 10 Feb 2009 08:52 EST

> I have to agree there is no quick fix..The damage is done and it needs to
> be
> done properly. I would explain this to your client and tell him the only
> way
> to fix the problem is complete restoration.  If you like you can ease the
> cost by spreading over several payments. If he is unwilling to do this and
> is looking for a quick fix than you may be better walking away than
> putting
> your reputation at stake.

Thanks. We all believe in doing things the right way.(or we should)
Sometimes people don't want whats right, they want whats cheap! You know
the drill. My market happens to be the Capital region, DC. is ALL stone.
Most of my competition are service oriented firms that try to do it all.
Crystalizer allows them to make stone shine with out the use of a
knowledgable stone pro.(and lets not forget-cheap!)Well, we'll see how
this plays out. Thanks again for your input.

> On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 3:56 PM, <> wrote:
>> Guys,
>> I have been called by a new potential client who has 16,000 square feet
>> of
>> granite in the lobby of his building. He has had two of the biggist
>> names
>> in facilities maintenance handling his floor for the past two years. The
>> first outfit came in and crystalized. (told client he was receiving
>> diamond honing and polishing) Second group came in and just maintained
>> the
>> crystalized floor.(also claimed to be diamond grinding and polishing)
>> After our meeting, our potential client understands what has been done
>> to
>> the floor. Now, here is the issue I think we will all face with todays
>> market. I believe our new potential client has one of two options. 1.
>> Diamond grind off all crystalizer and repolish our way.(very labor
>> intensive= high cost per square foot) or we re-crystalize the floor and
>> maintain it until the economy improves. I was able to contact one of the
>> large maintenance companies and found out they charge 60 cents a square
>> foot to crystalize. Does anyone have a similar issue? How much would you
>> guys charge to do this? Am I on the right track? Thanks in advance for
>> your input.
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