Re: [sccpartners] Granite - Sulfuric acid 20 Feb 2009 08:47 EST

> Hello all:
> Again, thanks in advance for any help provided. Responses are always a
> help.
> Latest issue, custy has "dark granite", I have not seen it yet. Cleaned
> kitchen drain with Sulfuric acid, wiped up the mess with a rag and then
> set
> rag on granite counter. Says it is eating the granite , whitish. I believe
> him but is there anything that can be done. Cannot see him until Saturday
> so
> was looking for some help. I know hydrofluoric acid will cause problems
> but
> then what to do about it. Can it be repaired through face polishing?
> thanks
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> Don Semi
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I agree with all the above. I would suggest taking a couple of photos, ask
the client where they purchased the stone.(if they did) and try to find a
match at your friendly local fabricator. If that is possible and you can
find it, try a test using dry pads. My favorite dry polishing pads are
Performance Flex pads, they do a nice job and very little mess. Good luck.

Ron Moore
American Stone Care, Inc.
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