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RE: [sccpartners] Silox-Seal (Silane/Siloxane) sealer John Freitag (01 Feb 2013 14:30 EST)

RE: [sccpartners] Silox-Seal (Silane/Siloxane) sealer John Freitag 01 Feb 2013 14:30 EST


I used these sealers before and found nothing unique about them, other than
someone had a great sales pitch they gave to someone.

I have used the solvent based sealer from Stone Care Central before Stone
Care central starting selling using it and I can tell you I have never had a
complaint with it .

My experience with the sealer that Stone care Central sells go back 15 plus

John E Freitag
The Stone & Tile School
Office 407-567-7652
Cell 407-615-0134

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From: Adam []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 6:00 PM
To: Stone and Tile PROS Technical Support
Subject: [sccpartners] Silox-Seal (Silane/Siloxane) sealer

Our competitor offered to customer to seal their limestone floor (honed
finish) with Silox-Seal (Silane/Siloxane) sealer. Do any of you have any
opinion and experience with that sealer?

Adam Bartos
BiO Tile & Grout Restoration
773-575-5515 (c)
847-438-0212 (o)
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