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Re: [sccpartners] Brushed finish on limestone Mike Marsoun (29 Apr 2013 15:46 EDT)

Re: [sccpartners] Brushed finish on limestone Mike Marsoun 29 Apr 2013 15:46 EDT

I made a steel plate and use reversible Frankfurt brushes, from granito in India, much cheaper and they use DuPont Tynex filaments   You will have to acid wash it to start out with. This will also bring out the grain.

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On 30/04/2013, at 3:03 AM, Adam <info@restoreyourtiles.com> wrote:

> I was contacted by the supplier that sent honed finished limestone instead brushed one to the job and it was installed before designer noticed that mistake. They asked me refinish all floors and create that brushed look. Its about 700 sq ft of what look like moleanos limestone. I repaired brushed finished tiles in the past but never created this kind of finish. Looking for how to and all do's and don'ts so I can make a educated decision to proceed or walk away.
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