RE: [sccpartners] Cocina stone ahhhhh Mike Marsoun 10 May 2013 21:48 EDT
On travertine where nothing else works in getting the black out of the
pinholes and grout I used this method with miraculous results: 10%
hydrochloric acid in a pump sprayer with a 1/4 cup neutral cleaner to help
it lay, spray the work area, then sprinkle oxoalic acid crystals over the
area and brush in with a coarse broom. You will see a reaction between the
two acids (not sure what it is but the effluent will turn gray as it lifts
out the soils). Pick up with your turbo as normal. Works better than
Klenztone. After the floor is done buff with a 60 grit brush to restore
honed finish, or powders as needed. When I did this on a honed and unfilled
travertine the loss of gloss was VERY minor and the results were
unbelievable. Sometimes if you want to make an omelette, you need to break a
few eggs!

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Client wants this stone like new full of pin holes everywhere she especially
wants grey off

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