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You should be able to remove the stain with a peroxide poultice. You
probably have a purple stain now.  If the iron stain is not out try making a
poultice using iron out ( which can be purchased from most paint stores) if
you use the iron out it will etch the surface and require honing and

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Sorry for another marble rust question, but... I have been working on a
couple stains on some Carrara White marble. They are a rust color and came
from the bottom of a metal soap dispenser according to the home owner. They
are irregular in size and about the diameter of a quarter to 50 cent piece.
I have tried a poultice and SRS 2000. So far no luck, the customer applied
more SRS 2000 and left it on too long and created a new discoloration/stain.
Any ideas on a plan C? /HELP!

CJ Crow
Stone Maintenance Inc.
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