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If the concrete had been finished properly the honing and polishing is easy.
Purchase some concrete diamonds . if the concrete is a good pour and smooth
good cream finish then you can probably start with a 100 grit or 220 grit
diamond, then after the200 grit diamond add you densfilier I prefer to allow
the densflier to penetrate into the concrete for at least 1 hour. vac up any
excess materials.
 Then I prefer to use a finish mop and mop on a very thin thin coat of the
densflier and allow to set over night. Then come back the next day and hone
400 , 800, 1500 , 3000 and you should have a great polish.

John E Freitag
The Stone & Tile School
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I have been asked to polish 450 sq ft of concrete in a customer basement.
The concrete has been down since October of 2012. I am looking for advise
from those of you who have expertise in this area. Any advise would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Kevin Hudson
N-Motion Stone and Tile

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