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The humidity may have an effect after you are completely done with your
polishing. You will have moisture come up through the floor and start to
effloresce. Leaving the surface lacking that pop you are looking for.
You mentioned it was raining while you were polishing, did any of you polish
get carry onto the areas you had a finish polish on and  perhaps lightly
etch the surface?
If so go back a do a quick polish.

If you are polishing and are using 5X polishing powders ( the real 5X )  on
a crema marfil there is no reason to go up to an 1800 to polish you can
polish after a 400 and achieve the same results.

John E Freitag

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Can humidity affect the final polish shine on a floor?  It's crema marfil,
it's outside (Miami) covered terrace steps done 400, 800, 1800 powder
polish.  It has a shine its just doesn't have that pop ( Before u say it I'm
not gonna crystallize this floor the way the rest of these addicts do here
in south florida() It rained while we were polishing

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