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Beautiful floor, with regards to sealer/impregnator I don't know any that can repel urine stains.
With regards to the outside, put them on maintenance program using SCC Anti-slip.

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On Jul 1, 2013, at 5:20 PM, Micah <micahgautier@gmail.com> wrote:

> Partners I have two questions, first I'm looking at 125 year old church building, the bathroom marble floors are currently a honed finish, the customer wants to keep it that way and is more concerned with cleaning and sealing it. It does have some urine stains and scratches so I was planning on scrubbing it with honing powder for a deep clean this first time and then sealing with a solvent base sealer, any other suggestions? FYI this floor was only put in like 5-6 years ago
> The second and largest issue is the outdoor entry to the church (pics below) this entry is directly off a Main Street down town so it is really exposed to the elements. They really just want it cleaned but are wondering about some type of an anti-slip sealer that will also protect this 125 year old marble, there are some tiles that are pretty worn, some break down as seen in the 2nd pic, but they really don't want to have to replace them. Any suggestion on sealer or maint on this? And if sealing with a topical would like something low maint, they have about 1000 people a week on this entry
> Thx
> Micah
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