Re: [sccpartners] ADMIN: Text needed 07 Dec 2007 01:35 EST
Hi Debbie,

   I wanted to apologize for my tone the last time we spoke. I was really
out of line and im sorry. Its not normal for me it was just a rare day
plus finding out that there was competion in the area that I hadnt
expected linking us to the same stone pros site. Anyways no big deal.
I Hope you and your son are doing well. It was sad to hear about Brian
Yager. He was a really nice person to talk to over the phone.

Im late in sending this but I want to stay involved in stone care central
now more than ever.

Attached is the text file you requested to list under stone pros. (About
us) Please add it to your stone pros list as i am not currently listed.

Im also looking to upload new before and after pics in my gallery that you
are welcome to use. Ive accessed my cpanel many times and am much more
familiar in getting around. It would help if you could give me detailed
instruction. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Maclin