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I regards to keeping the mess to a minimum the question I have for you is
what type of hand machine are you using and how many what is lowest setting
for the RPM on this machine.
The other question I have is how are you applying the water to these tops,
my experience over the years has been everyone tries to use too much water
and therefore they end up with a mess. Over the years I have worked in these
setting and found it very easy to control the water flow and the mess. How
and what are you using to protect with?
If you have trouble with water running off the edge you can use a red vinyl
tape 2 inch and place the tape on the edge of the counter or table top. This
will act as a dam and catch the water before it falls off the edges.
I use a spray bottle to apply the water I need on the surface. Remember the
water is only needed to keep down the dust and keep the diamond cool during
the honing process. The big miss here too many times too much water is used
and this is what causes the mess. For a floor protection I recommend using
the painters tarps youi can purchase from your favorite home improvement
store. These usually come in 4foot and 8 foot widths.
Unless you are next to a wall you should not have to protect the walls,
however if you are working next to a wall I recommend using the plastic
clinging materials or Butcher paper.

Most of all the proper equipment and the proper control of water are the
issues, you need to address. If you have additional questions please call me
at The Stone and Tile School. My number is 407-567-7652.
Ron we also need to talk about the opportunity to turn these service into
maintenance contract with re- occurring income for you.

John E. Freitag
The Stone and Tile School

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We are picking up more and more service contracts in downtown DC. that
have lots of stone counters, conference tables, etc.  We would appreciate
feed-back as to different approaches to polishing, cleaning, removing
etching from limestone tops and re-polishing. (the more info. the better.)
We have tried several different things with mixed results. We hope to find
something that we haven't tried. Remember, most of these buildings are
major law firms and as such the decor, carpets, walls, everything needs to
be protected. Try using water on a limestone conference table to grind out
etches in the stone and re-polish while keeping your mess to a minimum?
Look forward to hearing from you. (Dr. Fred, give me some love!)

Ron Moore
American Stone Care, Inc.

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