The benefits of asking questions and testing your floors Dayron 20 Jul 2013 09:03 EDT

A couple of weeks ago I went to bid a restaurant, the weird part was 3 other flooring contractors where there at the same time

While the others went to measure I took the manger on the side and asked several questions you know the usual we ask, also asked him if I can do some test.  Of coarse I did my measurements before I left he asked what were the test floors, I told him it tells me the characteristics of the stone I also asked for a mock up demo so he can see what it would look like and to tell me how the floor would react

Long story short I was the 2nd highest bid and got the job, because he said extremely professional and prepared

Partners I was wondering do anyone of you have an evaluation form. What would this form contain, question to ask and test information for both our client and ourselves I think it would be great for our organization to have a uniform evaluation form on stone

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Dayron Padilla
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