Htc twister pads Perfect Marble 2 27 Aug 2013 21:12 EDT

Went to home a couple of days ago and home owner said floor was restored but he wasn't happy with result in the kitchen.  It didn't have that luster a good restoration job has, almost a leathery effect.  I asked owner if he was satisfied, he said no, did he inquire about the companies experience did they have insurance, he stopped me and admitted that he and his brother in law did it ( sorry pics didn't come out well)

He said that he found a place where they sell cleaning products. Salesman asked if he knew anyone that knew how to use a swing arm, and he responded his brother in law.  Salesman said it was so easy, he bought the twisters, and After a couple of YouTube videos they tried there luck and didn't like what they did.

We went in restored the floor gave it that Perfect Marble shine

Like Dr. Fred said there will always be a need for mastercraftsman like our partners

By the way not only did we do the gentlemans kitchen, ( we only charged him labor and materials felt bad for the guy) but the gentleman is a property manager of several buildings which we will be restoring the first one in October

Keep Grinding Gang

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