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RE: [sccpartners] saltillo tile, terra-cotta tile John Freitag (18 Sep 2013 12:01 EDT)

RE: [sccpartners] saltillo tile, terra-cotta tile John Freitag 18 Sep 2013 12:01 EDT


Working on this type of materials requires testing! You first must determine
what product is going to strip off the coating that on the surface.  There
could be more than one type of coating on the surface. You may find a wax
coating; you may find an epoxy coating you may find both.
As you strip the surface most of this material is very pores and will soak
up moisture into the material. Working small sections is the key and the use
of brushes and pads and the combination will work best to remove the
coating. Make sure all coating are removed from not only the tiles but the
Once the floor is stripped before any coating can be  reapplied the tiles
MUST be dry. This could take some time depending upon the moisture that has
soaked into the material. Check the material with a moisture meter and make
sure the surface is dry then apply the new coating.
Price tis job high! There will be a lot of detail work around the edges and

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Can anyone explain the process of stripping/cleaning/resealing this type of
tile and the products you use on it? I have a client begging me to restore
her's and is willing to let me experiment on it, so some direction on this
would be appreciated


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